Kip Henderson is a professional comic book artist creating both high-production fantasy comics for digital magician and internet star Zach King, and small, personal comics in which he explores his identity as a person with disability. Henderson has a multiple joint disorder called Larsen’s Syndrome, has lost hearing in his right ear, and due to a hospital accident at 22 months old wears a trach to help him breathe and is entirely g-tube fed. His personal work is driven both by his desire to satisfy others’ curiosity about his experience as a person with a disability, as well as give himself an outlet to explore parts of himself he tends to leave on the sidelines. Henderson’s lighthearted comics are intended to demystify the disability experience, and comes from a unique perspective and ability to laugh despite various hardships. Every art piece and story Henderson creates comes from an understanding of the brokenness of humanity and the utter dependance we have on a loving God.


Henderson is currently working for King Studio, and attends Biola University. He’s a Screenwriting Major with an Art Minor, and is also a student in the Torrey Honors Institute. He loves learning, drawing, reading, drawing, writing articles, drawing, as well as sculpting and drawing. He’s as handsome and witty as he is humble.



By Nate Norell and Nick Moyer




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