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Comic Book Series

Zachariah King

FBI Agent Zachariah King, the great-grandfather of video magician Zach King, has a unique ability that attracts a lot of enemies: he can turn into a dragon. His efforts to protect his family send him on a crazy adventure through the streets of Los Angeles. Indiegogo Campaign coming soon!


Card Game


Two beetles have broken free of a spider’s web in the middle of a koi pond. Tied back-to-back, they begin a desperate tug of war to make it back to their homes on opposite sides of the pond before night falls. Contact me if you want to be a beta tester!

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Short Story Comic

Redemption of Mud

I sit in the Mud, the Waste, the Wilderness. All is dark and all is mine.

Short story I'm turning into a comic book. Estimated to be 70+ pages. Story can be read here:

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Mobile Game, Comic Series

Taria & Como

When strange monsters begin attacking the city of Tabernall, only one man conveniently has access to protective measures. Sisters Taria and Como belong to the one family that refuses to buy into the con, but pay a heavy price: separation from their parents.


Printed Book

Signs of the Seed

In October 2017, I paired each verse of the creation story in Genesis with an illustration incorporating Sign Language. The whole series has been compiled into a PDF, and soon I hope to launch a Kickstarter to get it printed and out into the world.

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